40 th Anniversary

40th Anniversary

Founded in 1982,

Saadplast provides high-quality plastic closure solutions, followed by steady growth, full of R&D studies and innovations.

Our customers are pharmaceutical industries seeking a competitive edge or cosmetics facilities who want comprehensive solutions. As one of the vertically integrated companies that provides closure solutions, we lead the industry with solutions that are healthy for people, communities, and the planet.

Powered by serious innovations and feverish production area for plastic caps, Saadplast has started steady steps in Turkey with a new factory in 2013, following with the third facility in Syria in 2016.

Saadplast founded in 1982

Saadplast has followed a steady growth for 38 years and with full of R&D studies and innovations.

In 2013 This steady growth made us succeed to open a new factory in Turkey, after the steps have been taken in 1982 and 2013, we opened our 3rd facility that established in Syria in 2016, with a seriously innovative and feverish production area regarding plastic caps was established and continues steadily.

With 38 years of experience with Saadplast brand, it continues to rise rapidly without compromising on quality and trust.